George Clooney’s new girl: game show contestant Stephanie Katie Moeser

For the last couple of days, I’d been noticing a strange trend– a sudden rush of searches for my over a year old posting about one “Katie Moeser” formerly a contestant on FOX’s Don’t Forget the Lyrics.

I got some flack for hinting that she wasn’t entirely genuine about her background. Turns out my ruminations on her past were not only on the mark, but the tip of the Moeser-iceberg. So in the interests of, well, vindication, here’s the scoop.

Katie & Clooney on the town

See, the adorable Miss Kate– or is it Stephanie?– has recently been seen in the sushi-eating company of one George Clooney.  TMZ did a bit of digging and discovered that lil’ Katie has been a serial-game-show-goer:

George Clooney may have finally met a bigger player than himself — ’cause it seems his new lady friend is a semi-professional game show contestant.

We figured out Clooney’s sushi date from last weekend is either named Katie, Kate or Stephanie Moeser — depending on which of the four different game shows she’s been on.

Whats-her-name was on “Hollywood Squares” in late ’03/early ’04, “The Price is Right” in ’06, “Trivial Pursuit” in ’08 and “Don’t Forget the Lyrics” in ’07 — where she won $350,000, despite having an ear-shattering singing voice.

Ramping up the claims, UK’s Daily Star reports,

Professional game-show contestant Stephanie Moeser has hit the jackpot with her latest prize – George Clooney, 47.

She has been seen dating the silver-topped hunk.

However, he is a little concerned by the names that she has been using on shows like Don’t Forget The Lyrics and The Price Is Right.

He has asked her for legal proof of identity, but he may decide to crawl into one of Noel Edmonds’ boxes to be a prize for somebody a little more honest.

My original post has drawn attention from around the net, showing up in George-esque places like the Clooney’s Cookie Crumbs, Clooney Unlimited and in the most fractured English celeb blog ever.

To all the Katie-haters out there I say: let the girl have her fun. If she’s bagged Clooney, then it gives hope to all the other wannabe-arm-candy that they have a shot with the silver-haired fox.

As an update, Ms. Moeser is off MySpace, and has moved onto Facebook (No, George is not listed as one of her friends.)